customisable,facile a installer, innovante, cross-browser
free !

qu'est ce que c'est ?

Horinaja is a ready-to-use slide-show implementation, utilizing either scriptaculous/prototype or jQuery. A running example above

Horinaja is innovative because it allows you to use a mousewheel for navigation.

When the mouse is outside of the slide-show area, it scrolls. When hovering over the slide-show, the scrolling pauses.

comment ça marche ?

Horinaja is a slider.
It can automatically create slide indices (pagination), if required.

To manually scroll, either click on the slide index links (pagination) or use your mouse wheel

en savoir plus ?

I'm D.Massiani. I developed Horinaja for myself, and later decided to publish it.

You can see my blog here :

You can if you want send me a donation on this page, i explain here. site of week we love css